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     Trading Golpf and others
Technology blocking can fundamentally change the Forex industry
A few days to go before the launch of the world's first blockbuster forex broker, the shareholder and creator of which is one of the largest European banking groups

Traditional forex instruments such as currency pairs trading, PAMM-system, day trading and others will soon go to the side, and their place will be occupied by cryptotrading, cryptophores, where even internal settlements will be made using smart contracts. Smart contracts are already being used in financial markets around the world. A number of banks have already begun to implement this in their country, and even entire states not only recognized bitcoin, but also started regulation in the field of crypto-currency. Volatility in the markets of crypto-currencies should not frighten those who intend to invest. ... Read more »

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   How much can you earn on the FOREX market?

During the financial crisis, more and more people are trying to make money online. Forex for these purposes looks the most attractive option, where earnings are the most real and high. At the same time, players give different amounts of their income and a coherent picture on this issue still does not exist. Some claim that they earn from 5 to 20 percent of the deposit deposit per month, others say they were able to double their starting capital.

Obviously, it's quite possible to earn on Forex. To do this, you do not need only a lucky trader. It is enough to be purposeful and constantly increase your own skills.

Forex is also good because every player here does not work within the same company, region or country. He goes to the international plat ... Read more »

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  Where to invest money on the Internet?
A few years ago, I did not think about investing and earning, investing in my own works. Now invested money brings tangible profit. I want to share with you the projects on which I myself earn.

Payments from them come constantly, so do not worry about a possible fraud:

Taxi Money is the most interesting project for investment, since profitability is high and you do not have to deal with the distribution scheme. Everything is done in the form of a game, so you only need to buy cars that passively bring income. Such investment is very beneficial.

Much depends on how much you put in and how long you can allocate to work:

The game has a withdrawal limit. In order to receive all that is brought ... Read more »

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   Trade in binary options with Olymp Trade
The activity of this broker is accompanied by exclusively positive reviews, so he has an impeccable reputation. Customers are offered a large list of different services.
Experienced traders often trade with Olymp Trade, since the company has a lot of advantages:

There is a demo account and all newbies are issued for 10,000 rubles ($ 1,000) for operations without deposits;
for replenishment of the balance of 2000 or 5000 rubles, a bonus of 100% (4000 and 10,000 rubles) is issued;
Mobile platform for trading is developed, therefore operations can be carried out from phones and tablets;
Profitability percentages are always high, and many different assets are offered on a choice;
To start trading, it is enough to make only 350 rubles (the same amount is the minimum threshold for payment);
... Read more »

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  Open options on Iqoption

Investments in the Forex market are one of the most common types of deposits on the Internet. Let's talk about earnings on binary options from Iqoption.

Not only professionals use the currency exchange, thousands of newcomers try to succeed every day by buying different currencies or stocks. Here only to understand all the details of working with Forex is not so simple.

Binary options for beginners at Iqoption - the perfect solution for anyone who wants to become a trader. With binary options, you will put money on the fall or increase of rates of various currency pairs, goods or stocks, and if your forecast is justified, you will receive a profit.

Why is this system suitable for beginners? First, there is a lo ... Read more »

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   Earnings on binaries and trade in binary options
Not every beginner knows what quotes, assets, currency pairs, and so on. All this will have to deal with that earnings on binary profit.

Explaining the simple language, you need to make stakes on stocks, commodities, currency and much more. They will rise or fall, who will make the exact forecast, and will receive profit.

Cheating here is completely ruled out, as you can check the dollar or oil prices anywhere, the broker is not able to influence it.

To understand how these operations are going through, let's do it together. The Binomo broker platform will be used, it is the most convenient. First of all, you need to determine what opens the option (bet):

The choice is broad, but only on w ... Read more »

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  What are the good investments in Forex?
Almost all blogs about online earnings include articles on Forex. This is not surprising, the popularity of the currency exchange market continues to grow, and every reasonable person realizes that it is quite real to earn.

Do not doubt this method of earnings, but for greater confidence, here are some arguments in favor of Forex.

The stock exchange is open to everyone. Regardless of geographical location, education and age, everyone can start entering into Forex agreements. The Internet is full of different courses and individual articles related to the currency exchange, so it is easy to do self-education.

Minimal investment. Even if you do not have thousands of dollars, you can go to the market and start trading. For a long time, ... Read more »

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   Earnings by investing money in games

Start-up capital is an indisputable advantage for a beginner. Starting to earn a certain amount, you almost guarantee yourself a profit. Earnings with attachments are different, in some cases, it does not even require activity. The main thing is not to get caught scammers, use only proven methods and projects.


We have already mentioned the economic games, but there were only a few projects presented there. There are a lot of analogues, where the conditions are even more profitable, but without contributions, can not do. For example, Golden Mines hire gnomes for the production and sale of ore, and with a deposit of 5000 rubles, the administration gives VIP (its owners receive free referrals).

Each game has its own pros. Some offer increased ... Read more »

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investing money on the internet
It is not so easy to get rich, the more so now, many people are trying to do it. When going to work and earning a small salary, you have to look for options that take a minimum of time.

They are, only start-up capital is required for their use. The more money you collect from the beginning, the easier it will be to make a profit.

Where is it more profitable to invest money in interest on the Internet? There are several options to do this, which I use myself. All of them are checked, not the first year of quality websites bring me revenue, and if you invest today, in a few days you will be able to get your first profit.

A profitable investment of money on the Internet
Choosing projects for profitable ... Read more »

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  How much can you earn on PAMM accounts
From the first acquaintance with PAMM accounts, it is difficult to estimate how much they can earn. Moreover, each broker has a lot of them, some are unprofitable, others are profitable. How much can you earn on PAMM accounts?

Prospective earnings are difficult to calculate, so I will answer based on my investment experience. On PAMM accounts you can stably earn from 4 to 8 percent per month with a competently folded portfolio.

You can earn 100 percent per month, but not for long! With such profitability the result will be deplorable (minus 100%).

If you transfer all this into money, the following profitability will come out:

$ 100 is invested; Earnings 4 $ - 8 $ a month;
$ 1,000 is invested; Ear ... Read more »

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