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Broker news
The international forex market is unlimited possibilities for high earnings. With the development of Internet technologies, trading in the foreign exchange market has become available to all comers.

RoboForex webinars - Forex training in online mode
But this does not mean that everyone who embarks on trading will succeed. Since working in financial markets entails high risks. In order to have a consistently high income from Forex trading, you need to constantly devote time to improving the quality of knowledge about trading, in which RoboForex will help you.

For successful trading on Forex, you do not need to work hard all day long, you only need to have the exact knowledge and be able to apply them in practice. Very often traders believe that their chances of concluding a successful deal are high enough, but in the end they lose their money ... Read more »

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The first day of the new week was not particularly saturated with key economic data. All eyes were on inflation data in Turkey, which turned out to be at 17.9% yoy or above average market expectations of 17.1%.

Otherwise, early in the morning from Australia, data on the business activity index in the manufacturing sector became a reality - at a level of 56.7 points or well above the average expectations of 52.1 points, as well as for retail sales. The latter reported zero growth, with an expected increase of 0.3%.

The index for business activity in the manufacturing sector also came out for Japan, at a level of 52.5 points, the indicator fully responding to the average expectations of the experts.

The same index was also exported to other countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Spain and Italy, with all of them outperforming ... Read more »

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  How to choose a Forex trading company in the summer of 2018?

To find a good, and more importantly, a suitable brokerage company, you need to consider several factors.
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Each participant of the campaign wants to get the most convenient and profitable conditions for himself. In addition, at the moment this is most relevant, as many campaigns have changed their policies.
What factors need to be considered when choosing a company
All the main factors are set forth in the article http://www.km.ru/economics/2018/06/13/ekonomika-i-finansy/825684-kak-vybrat-foreks-kompaniyu-dlya-torgovli-letom-2018, However, all should know what to look for when studying the company's work:
history of work, experience;
rating in the lists of broker companies;
availability of official documents, licenses;
list of ser ... Read more »

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Whether the broker deals a transaction on the interbank market or not - a question that interests many traders. But at the same time, not everyone fully understands what interbank is, why it is necessary to deduce deals there and what it gives to users. And also whether a company from the Forex brokers rating can not deduce transactions of customers to interbank and why it is important to know about it. In this article, we will try to fully answer all these questions.

"Interbank" is a worldwide network in which banks (including Forex banks) and other major participants trade currencies among themselves. But traders changed this concept a little and called the interbank not the network itself, but its participants - banks, investment exchanges, large brokers and other large financial organiza ... Read more »

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More and more people are interested in trading in the Forex market. And these are potential customers for companies that provide services for access to the Forex market. Only in the Russian market of these services do hundreds of brokerage companies work. Between them there is a tough competition for attracting as many traders as possible, as each customer makes a profit. To win the competition, Forex brokers try to offer as much as possible favorable terms of trade, attract potential customers for various kinds of bonuses, discounts, gifts, prizes and contests. All this is part of the marketing strategy. In each company it is organized in its own way, but there are common signs. In this article, we'll look at what bonuses brokers offer and what they give to the trader.

Bonus from the broker is usually expressed in a ... Read more »

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   How to become a successful trader in the Forex market

A trader is a person who trades on the Forex market

To become a successful trader, you need to conduct market analysis. There are two types of analysis: technical and fundamental. Underlying analysis involves monitoring economic and political processes occurring in individual countries and in the world as a whole. Technical analysis is an analysis of the charts and other indicators of the trading platform.

Without fundamental and technical analysis work on Forex can become a failure, it will look like a lottery, and not all will win the lottery. It is necessary to understand that guaranteeing success in the Forex market is impossible. A trader risks in any case by investing his savings. The fact is that it is impossible to predict with or ... Read more »

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   How to choose a binary option broker

news_fx_2Do you know what the right choice of a binary option broker can do for you? From deception from the side of the office. From technical problems in the form of noticeable slippage, etc. From intrusive technical support calls. From trade under conditions that are disgusting for you.

To avoid all this, you need to know how to choose a binary option broker. Next, the rules and tips for finding the best place to trade are described in detail. But if you do not want to waste time searching, just open an independent rating of brokers on the site binium.ru.

The broker must be licensed by a reliable regulator

Every year we observe a positive trend in controlling the activity of binary brokers. Regulators are be ... Read more »

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   FOREX EUR / USD outlook for May 14

forex-news-euro_3The confident move of the EUR / USD towards the founding of the 20th figure reinforced rumors that the three-week dollar rally was exhausted, and it is time for the main currency pair to return to the uptrend. At the heart of its dynamics is the speed of economic growth, and the slowdown in global GDP in the first quarter auknulos strengthening of greenback. Nevertheless, during the remainder of the year, the indicator will begin to restore the previous dynamics, and the States will act as the locomotive. As a result, the faster the US economy moves forward, the better the Eurozone, Britain, Japan and other countries will feel, which in the long run will result in the strengthening of their currencies against the US dollar.

When the States sneeze, the rest of the world encounters a co ... Read more »

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   How to make successful transactions on Forex?

 How to make successful transactions on Forex?
Trading in the Forex market, it is worth taking control of your mind and feelings. This is what will increase your capital. There are certain rules that everyone would seem to know, but almost always forget to use them. This is understandable, the ability to earn a lot captures the thoughts of the Forex trader, so to keep the prudence and sobriety of the mind is problematic. But if a person is set for success and fruitful work on the exchange and wants to achieve financial victory, then he has no other choice but to follow these very tips.

Remember the most important thing: Forex does not go anywhere. This market will work tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in years. Therefore, on the exchange rate of the hryvnia to the ruble, or t ... Read more »

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     How to choose a PAMM account for earnings in Forex

Less than a dozen years ago, special trading accounts appeared on the Forex currency market - PAMM. Their homeland - overseas spaces, to us in the country PAMM-accounts were a couple of years later. How did regular Forex speakers appear on the market of new products, which is perceived today as a worthwhile? Skepticism, suspicion, distrust - the first emotions that arose in investors and traders in the appearance of a new financial instrument. Today, PAMM-accounts are the basis on which the main relations of investors with traders are built. Trust management, through which Forex earnings became accessible to all interested persons, is something that is hard to imagine the currency market. At the moment, PAMM-accounts use unpredictable demand, bringing in practice their efficiency and profitability. With no special financia ... Read more »

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