Asset investing

In order to trader order was executed, first it is necessary to pass two higher authorities: the broker or dealing center and Forex Bank. Banks are direct sellers of the currency, and without Forex trading is not possible. When the dealer's server receives an order to buy or sell a certain amount of currency, forex broker communicates with the bank providing trading services in the foreign exchange market, and orders the required amount, taking into account the credit trader shoulder specified in the settings. Further decides the fate of the order the market.

The broker, in turn, operates without cn one client, and with the entire customer base, resulting in a minute at the server can act as a few tens of applications with small bills and classic with. Dealers are not orders in the bank's forex sum separately for each order, but calculates the total amount for each currency. Thus, if the server has received two applications, one to buy, put $ 100,000, and another 40,000 in the sale, the broker buys in Forex Bank 60000.
This is done in order not to overload the banks and facilitate the work itself. As for cent accounts with small volumes of orders, everything is much easier - the broker has the right amounts, in order to operate freely without the help of forex banks.

In general, the system works well and smoothly, but in some cases, certain problems may arise. This happens when the server receives a lot of short-term orders. For example, with this often faced traders with automated forex trading systems - pipsovkamy. Under certain conditions, forex indicators can give a lot of common signals and Forex Advisor executes them automatically. Because of this, the server is overloaded, and the broker often forced to apply to the bank for forex buying another currency portions. As a rule, the broker goes out of position prohibiting traders use automated forex trading.

Forex banks can not only provide the brokers channel to exit the currency market, but also to accept funds in trust management of Forex. Discretionary investment management means that the customer puts their money in Forex Bank, after which an experienced trader, operating these means, multiplies capital and returns at the end of the agreement the profit for payment of the deduction of such services. Of course, Forex Banks will not work with clients who wish to entrust a small amount. Risk is Forex estimated highly enough, so easy to give in the order of, say, 50 thousand dollars and more likely to be left with nothing.

However, reports on trading operations on currency speculation trust not only impressive, but also affect the capabilities and expertise of bank trader. Trust investment - long-term service and much higher than the income from bank deposits, investments in securities and other investments. But, on the other hand, for a year or a few years a lot can change in the foreign exchange market, and guarantees trust few offers. The decision to invest or not, have to do only on the basis of reports on previous periods as of the trading system in the Forex plan one bank, as a rule, does not advertise.

Unnecessary car
Why? The reasons may be several. The presence of social media mean that you should go to, for example. See your friends are not so serious. In addition, the cost of insurance for new drivers of cars grow.

"Telegraph" does not indicate that for many teens who own a car is no longer a status symbol. It was rather a symbol ehotsentrichnoy capitalism. Generation Z, a car ownership dreams of buying the latest technological gadgets such as Apple, clock read.
Another important factor that influences the behavior of this generation of so-called theory of "zero liability". In a world that moves so fast that no one wants to use a product that is outdated or obsolete explains Sheryl Connelly, director of the Ford Foundation for Global Trends consumption.
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Opel showed new car. Carry it will Gliwice
Opel showed new car. Carry it will Gliwice
At the show on Wednesday will soon be released Opel unveiled in Warsaw, in Los Angeles more car manufacturers are not standing still, of course. We constantly monitor changes in attitudes of customers to have a car. Millennialsom (Generation Y born after 1980 ed.) Makes driving pleasure. They valued group of customers and an important source of learning in terms of attitudes to digital services representative said Ford.

In turn, representatives of the automobile company Kia ensure that they are "aware of the changing habits among young buyers." They do not notice, but their impact on sales.

Belinda Palmer, president LadyGeek, who advises several corporations car says: I once dreamed of having an apartment, car and achieve independence. Now access triumphs over ownership. The idea of ​​a joint is deeply rooted in our culture, and car companies need to develop new models of access. Traditional car dealers are no longer attractive.