Earnings on Article

Who are they? This type of market participants in a text combines several roles. It and the customer, and the customer content. However, one goal in the second-hand dealers - earn on resale of text materials.
How do they do it?

In fact, the scheme of this kind of earnings is quite simple. Resellers orders or acquiring articles from copywriters who are ready to work at very low rates. Naturally, the cheapest content simply can not be qualitative. That is why professional reseller should have all the qualities of an experienced copywriter, because he would have to lead the acquired text materials in more or less decent view.

After the low-quality articles are similar to a decent text content middleman puts them in a special store, available in almost every market. The cost of putting in order the content exhibited much higher than the prices for purchased in beginners and profane text materials.

Where profitable to buy and sell an article?

You can also just buy a ready-made articles at lower prices on the stock exchange etxt.ru and sell them on advego.ru. The prices of these two exchanges content vary greatly, and the quality of writing, in most cases on the same level.

Driving traders articles really simple, but in practice, this work is quite complicated. The fact that the reseller is faced with a whole bunch of problems that need to be solved somehow.

Firstly, a certain difficulty is how to find copywriters. Indeed, among the artists who occupied text exchanges across frames whose quality articles just disgusting.

In total dealers have to look for artists with an adequate price / quality ratio. At the same time copywriters who have at least some potential very quickly gain experience and raise their prices. Naturally, the reseller can not cooperate with vysokooplachivaemymy artists, and he has once again engaged in the search for suitable candidates.

Second, the process of bringing the raw text in decent enough condition effort. Correction of all kinds of errors, rewriting absurd proposals to bring into line with the reality of untrue facts, etc. - All this requires a lot of time and effort.

Finally, the vendor of articles accompanied by certain financial risks. The fact is that for the purchase of text materials dealers have to spend their own money. However, what has already been corrected material to be purchased, to ensure there can be no one.

Thus, the vendor of articles - this is not a simple kind of earnings for occupations that need to have a certain mindset and possess remarkable patience.

How do burzhujku

Having a vacation home, many faced with the problem of the lack of gas heating. In such a structure can not be that there is no battery, but the boiler does not deliver. the question arises in similar situations, how to make his own stove. Stove - it's a great method as heating and replacement of the kitchen stove. Of course, it does not replace the comfort of home, but it'll do for the primitive purposes, and will warm in the cold season. That is why burzhujku used not only in storage rooms and garages, but also in residential buildings, creating a cozy, as soon as possible. Buy this unit is presently very difficult, and even if they manage to find, such a purchase would be for you a lot of money. It is best to try to make the most burzhujku!

How do burzhujku

By default, all items are made with cast iron stoves, namely the very furnace, the furnace door, chimney, openings for air supply and legs. A pair of tubes serve to adjust the thrust and burning fuel. It should be noted that the valve will be completely closed to retain heat for 5-6 hours.

Basically, the heat release side panels stoves, so you should place them in a meter from the wall or in the middle of the room. The area of ​​the heated area can be up to fifty square meters, but it all depends on the size of stoves.

The designs of cast iron stoves are very different from the fireplace stoves, they do not need foundation. The configuration process does not take a lot of time and effort. After the start of heating the heat immediately spread uniformly around the perimeter of the heated space.

Materials for the construction of stoves can serve as a conventional sheet metal, cast iron pipe, or the old waste barrels. For the air supply should not make holes pains than 1 centimeter. You should not forget in the furnace door, and of course the chimney and legs.

This is the easiest way to do burzhujku own hands.

It does not matter how you got to this page, it is important that you are a user of the Internet, and you may be interested in the topic of earning or earning money on the internet.

Therefore, I recommend that you get acquainted with the most basic ways of earning online without investment. They are very simple, and will be able to understand them, each one of you! See them here: