Elements for riding and driving
The cross-section cars
This internal combustion engine Usually, though there are also electric. Change Task engine type of energy, for example. Energy something mistitsya in the fuel into mechanical energy. Inshimi words, has the task Formation of torque, allowing something moving vehicle. The internal combustion engine harakterizuyetsya parameters such as strength, power, torque. The engine also flood vrahovuvatisya about A few systems without ego robot yakih not have been possible. These include systems such as:

Although chlodzenia- system cooling system from those elements that direct vplivayut the vehicle over, but it Very vazhlivim element in the design of the car, without all others could not operate motor vehicle. The cooling system is designated to ensure proper temperature t Time of the engine. We can distinguish between direct and indirect cooling.

internal combustion engine combustion engine
In direct cooling of the engine is cooled with pomoshchju "owiewajacego" go airflow, whose circulation Can you forced (fan) or spontaneity, for example. Due to the movement of vehicle.
However, indirect cooling system liquid cooled engine that is cooled by air flow.

Lubrication system, the system is also not responsible for the direct movement of vehicles, however, and if the cooling system allows the engine. The aim is to create lubrication oil (Usually oil) in vseh places where friction. It vazhlivo to a system of not only the engine but also the transmission and other components.

Ignition system is a system that occurs in the internal combustion engine, is responsible for the proper ignition of the fuel-air mixture, and for proper combustion process.

The power supply system which system is responsible for power factor (fuel) from the fuel tank to the drive unit and to provide the proper amount of fuel required to achieve the appropriate mix of palivopovitryanoyi.

Timing system and enough system vazhlivim as the internal combustion engine is responsible for the supply of air or palivopovitryanoyi mixture in the combustion chamber, and how to shvidshe and proper performance exhaust gases.

transmission system
The drive system presents a system responsible for the transmission of torque generated by the engine to the wheels vehicle. The drive system Includes:

Responsible for Transmission shift, and therefore to adjust the speed of the car with the engine crankshaft.

Strength allows to disconnect the drive or disconnecting the engine from the gearbox. This allows peremikati transfer and helps smooth vehicle shifted from the site.

Most privodiv peredaet effort from the gearbox to the wheels vehicle. That includes osnovnovu gear, which reduces the rate of rotations of the wheels relative to shvidkosti drive shaft and increases the torque to the wheels, Differential to dozvoliti motion the wheels of the leading axle with differential of a function SPEED drive shaft and drive shaft occurs in 4x4 vehicles or vehicles What should convey drive, for example. from the front to the rear axle, or vice versa. His task is to transfer torque from the transmission to the axle.

The braking system will stop vehicle
Brake pad brake pads
The purpose of the brake system as soon as possible, stop the vehicle from any shvidkosti with which he moves.

Brakes mogut Buti equipped with additional units such as np.ABS, What mogut help the helm, and at the same time zniziti risks of entry, the other by increasing passenger safety.

Front suspension Front suspension
Helms appointment to Change the direction of the selected driver. Can steering system further twist devices power, something the ego makes it easier to turn the wheel in the car, something moving on nizkiy shvidkosti or to nieporuszajacego.
The purpose of the suspension to provide better traction vehicle to the surface. Suspension system also link the car with the wheels, and better depreciation and inequalities t TIME driving. The suspension must also provide adequate comfort for mandrivnikiv.