Forex for beginner

The book covers the basic techniques of forecasting and analysis of market prices. Exchange rate dynamics of the value of shares and other financial instruments - that's right for use of modern technical and fundamental analysis.
This expansion of horizons for readers widely used not only founders of the theory of the market, but also the newest and most interesting financial research.
Careful attention is paid to the practical application of the techniques and various technical indicators, so book many examples, illustrations and explanations. At the end, laid the foundations of mathematical analysis of trade and capital management, without which any story about internet trading would be incomplete. The book is written as simple and accessible language, so its development does not require any special training. This is a great guide to Forex for beginners.

Material built on the principle of gradual complication - read the book from beginning to end, you get a full set of knowledge and will be able to begin trading in the global financial markets. The book also includes a section on practical work with the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, which allows you to open and fully control the transaction via the Internet, to graphically (technical) analysis, to receive market news in real time, and develop automated trading strategies. Install terminal on your computer and open a demo or live account (user at the end of the book) to practice to get acquainted with all indicators and strategies described as the development of the material.

Ask for the book "100% Forex. Learn and earn "in shops of your city, as well as major online stores that provide service delivery to anywhere in Russia.

Foreign Exchange and Money Market

The book "Currency and Money Market" opens the cycle "Course for Beginners" by world-renowned financial news agency «Reuters» and is a systematic guide to international currency market Forex (Foreign Exchange Market).

In addition, the book examines in detail the tools of so-called "money market" - OTC market short-term loans and deposits, which are closely linked to the exchange.
Millions of traders around the world, regardless of their age, education, initial capital and the amount of free time, make agreements on Forex simply pressing a few buttons keypad, daily turnover of foreign exchange market reached a record $ 3 trillion, which is hundreds of times higher than the stock markets of the USA .

If you want to learn more about Forex-trading, receive their first profit from changes in exchange rates and interest rates - that, of course, is the best book for you!