Goodyear asked Millennials

, 18 that the current 30-year, their vision of the automotive industry for 10 years. Young Europeans firmly on the ground. 55.7% of them believe that the key challenge facing the automotive industry over the next decade will be the launch of an affordable car, equipped with the latest technology.

Almost half (47.4%) of young respondents believe that the most desired change in the automotive industry equipping vehicles with intelligent security systems, ie, for example. Sensors and cameras instantly detect various types of threats. This aspect is even more important for young Poles as much as 54% of them felt the change as crucial to the industry.

The technology consists in promoting security in the near future, according to 39% of communication systems. Thanks to them, the car will be able to communicate with other cars and traffic surveillance systems and mobile devices. These innovations will allow for prediction of the way and let you respond quickly to unexpected changes. The significance of this decision emphasized Polish students 48.7% of respondents in the country demonstrates the importance of communication.

In contrast, young Poles placed less than other Europeans focus on environmental issues. Automatic car carbon dioxide emissions into the environment was mentioned by 25% of Poles (the European average is 33.5%).

In response to questions about the future of tires, most respondents pointed to the need to equip the tire with a sensor indicating to replace them and prevent other problems (41.2% of responses). According to surveyed changes over which they have to work with the engineers and designers of tires, it will also increase fuel efficiency (32.9% of responses) and use sensors to allow the tire to adjust to changing traffic conditions (30.9% of responses ).

Many subtle signs

Which labels outside the specified line should cause us concern? ABS, 4WD, 4x4, Airbag, Katalysator, any brand version of the equipment list is quite long. To narrow sought symbols should get archival catalogs particular model or image search on the web. In the case of modern machines the number of such jewelry is limited. This does not mean, however, that you can with a clear conscience to forget the importance of the label in recognition of the history of the car. It was, and of course, it will still be present on the deflectors motorcycles and scooters. Moreover, almost every part of the character model, engine size, and finally the name or logo of the manufacturer. Stickers are almost always covered with a layer of colorless varnish, making them resistant to weathering and supplies. As a result of marking paint stuck almost form a smooth surface with the rest of the element. If between the fairing and the inscription, we can see or feel a clear threshold, indicating to put the label directly on the nail, a greater distance to get closer to the guarantee faultless car history.

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When restoring damaged vehicle to its original splendor stickers often overlooked. Sometimes they tend to be difficult or impossible to achieve order. Often the re-introduction of stickers on lacquered body, usually of very high prices. Suffice it to say that the initial cost of several signs motorcycle goes for hundreds of dollars. Obviously repaired may resort to substitutes. With this in mind, you should compare the shadows and shapes of labels from different sides of the vehicle. Practice shows that it does not always look the same. A good example of decorative stickers that some models were placed close to the edges of the body. This alert if the stickers on the front and rear doors are identical, but differs markedly from the sticker on the wing. Change the color may be due to deterioration by light and other atmospheric factors, but usually the cause is different. In a thorough check on used car you have to prepare in case of violation of symmetry in the placement of signs or missing labels. Of course, she spontaneously peel off, which certainly will offer seller. The reason, however, tend to be very different.