In Ukraine plan to create a bank with 100% Arab capital

Representatives of the National Bank and the Cabinet previously supported the creation of the Arab Bank.
Ukraine-Arab Business Council initiates establishment in Ukraine bank founders would be completely Arab businessmen, according to the Academy of Ukraine.
This was stated by the president of Sheikh Emad Abu Alrub, speaking on Thursday, January 26, 2017, at the first meeting of the Council with the participation of Ukrainian and Arab businessmen.
"We have the idea - to create in Ukraine bank with 100% Arab capital. It is much easier to enter the Ukrainian market many Arab companies", - stressed Sheikh, noting here that during the talks the representatives of the National Bank and the Cabinet of Ministers has previously supported idea.
Alrub Sheikh said that during his first meeting of the Ukrainian-Arab Business Council while solving tactical tasks - accumulates manner of work and establishing contacts between Ukrainian and Arab business communities. However, the main strategic goal of Ukraine-Arab Business Council - to promote the involvement in Ukraine at least $ 100 billion. Investment.
"Arab companies would like to invest in agriculture, processing industry, as well as large investment objects. Ukraine country is very rich. Rich in resources and people," - said the sheikh.
However, he said that to attract investment Ukraine must be taken to protect foreign investment laws to root out corruption in the judiciary, as well as facilitating the issue of visas to business representatives.
Vice President of the Academy of Ukraine Victor Leszczynski, who participated in the first meeting of the Ukrainian-Arab Business Council, confirmed that Arabic is the company really actively seeking opportunities to invest in many sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including industry and construction.
According to him, has already held its first talks on the construction of a grain terminal, grain, flour mills.
"I also heard that Arab businessmen were interested in the ability to build roads on concession, interested in chemical and metallurgical plants. They have a huge potential," - said vice-president of the Academy of Ukraine Victor Leszczynski.
As previously reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine said that the inflow of foreign direct investment for the year is $ 4.5 billion. Against $ 3.8 bn., Borrowed in 2016.
In subsequent years, subject to reform and modernize the economy of investment inflows, the government forecasts may be doubled - to $ 8 billion. Or more.
In 2015 investments came from 125 countries. However, the main investors of Ukraine, which account for 83.1% of total investments were Cyprus, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Austria, Great Britain, British Virgin Islands, France, Switzerland and Italy.
Earlier, Arab banks could enter the Ukrainian market due to the nature of Islamic financing. Banking in the Arab world based on the principles of Sharia that prohibit impose and collect loan interest, primarily because in Islam there is a ban on "fish" - usury. In the Islamic system of bank loans individual tasks - the bank and the borrower combine their money to finance a specific project, while profits are divided in a predetermined order and destinies, and losses - depending on the equity.