Types of forecasts for Forex
There are 4 ways to predict the dynamics of exchange rates to maximize earning on forex: fundamental analysis, graphical, wave, and complex.
Fundamental analysis implies the trader's study of various political and economic news around the world and the formation of conclusions based on it on the upcoming jumps in currency rates.
Graphical analysis (technical). There is a whole theory about the fact that after a jump up the course of a currency will necessarily go down. The task of graphical analysis is to structure all the data of the falls and rise of rates and fix them in the form of diagrams and diagrams that help the trader to clearly understand what will happen in the forex market in the near future to make the right decision and earn on it.
Comprehensive analysis implies the cumulative application of all methods and skills for forecasting: both graphic, fundamental, and wave.
The wave analysis is based on the principle of Elliot, which has found its application in mathematics and physics. More about this and other methods of forecasting the situation in the financial market, you can learn from the special literature, or after having completed a course in one of the forex schools, which is now on the Internet a lot.


Consider the main myths that go on the Internet on the topic of earning money on forex.
Earning forex is easy.
As you have seen, after reading the information above, this is completely wrong. To play this exchange, you need at least a minimum knowledge of how to conduct forecasts. Of course, you can hope and luck: poke "a finger in the sky", choose any currency pair and at random to play a downgrade or increase. But this rather shrewd and unreliable method can help not only not make money on the Internet, but also lower your existing capital.
Earnings on forex are too difficult.
Opposite point, but also a myth. In order to find out how to easily make money online on forex, you do not need to have an economics education, just give some time to elementary financial analysis and you can get started.
On the stock exchange you can earn huge amounts of money by investing them once and earning income permanently. According to statistics, even the most successful and world-renowned forex players annually receive only 30% of their investments. Such statistics. The situation in the currency market is changing every second, and if you decide to play an upgrade, then, without closing the deal in time, selling the currency, you can miss a good moment, and the rate will fall again, and you will be left with nothing.
Therefore, the situation can not be allowed on gravity to refute the myth that forex as a deposit in a bank: invest money and walk calmly.
In order to earn money on the exchange, you have to go to the central office. Now, in order to make money on forex, it is enough to have the Internet and the established trading program, which can be downloaded from the broker's site.
Earnings on forex without investments is impossible.
In fact, many brokers (intermediaries between the bank and you in the course of trading transactions) for newcomers carry out shares, replenishing their account at registration for 10-50 dollars, which the bidder can multiply, leaving his earnings. In case of good luck, you get your first income on the Internet without attachments.
So, we hope that by reading this article, you have found for yourself the answer to the question whether you can earn forex. We are confident that this kind of earnings is worthy of being tested by you, at least in order to feel its specificity, passion and attractiveness.