What is Forex folopolosst?

Citizens of Ukraine, who have caught the times of the USSR, have one very well-defined feature, which strongly distinguishes them from the same Europeans. This feature is distrust. Obviously, it appeared not so. Now, any commercial offer is encountered by many in the beacons, and in the memory of the numerous cases of fraud that have already been in the history of our country. Therefore, Forex for many seems to be another dubious option.

But is it really worth it to be so skeptical of such an occupation as currency trading?

Mistrust of Forex is due to frequent cases of deception, which was suffered by the population of our country. Financial pyramids, bankrupt banks, huge inflation, ultimately undermined trust in money. Therefore, such a new opportunity, such as access to the world currency market through the Internet, met Ukrainians at first with distrust.

But gradually the level of financial literacy of the population began to grow, specialized literature began to appear, in detail the cfd broker, the device and the procedure of work on the Forex market were described. The confidence in the foreign exchange market has increased, there were the first players who were able to increase their starting capital many times. Soon they left the main job at the end and started trading on a professional level.

For many players, trade has grown from hobby to lucrative business. Some have accumulated enough experience to write their own books with the tips they provide in their next generations of traders. However, luck was really on the side of far not all traders. Statistics show that about 95% of newcomers lost their first deposit. And many of them remained confident that Forex is a fraud, where it is impossible to earn a simple person. Not everyone could frankly admit that the reason for the failure lies in their own. It is much easier to transfer responsibility to fraudsters, "unfair" broker, or to find any other reason.

At the same time, traders, convinced of the market insubordination, began to rapidly formulate public opinion in this spirit, completing numerous forums and publics as examples of unsuccessful trade. The comparisons with the casino began to appear, examples from the textbooks on probability theory were presented, and other explanations as to why it is impossible to get stable income for a long time on Forex. Typically, such traders who are louder than others are shouting about Forex fraud are far from statistical and mathematical grounds, but they describe their own failures with the involvement of all possible situations.

At the same time, the statistics are really inexorable and the number of lost their first deposit traders remains quite large. But not everybody understands that in order to achieve success it is not enough to carry out foreign exchange operations in a chaotic manner. The market has its own laws that you need to know for a lucrative job. In particular, the trader will have to get acquainted with the forex calendar and master at least a fundamental and technical analysis if he plans to successfully predict the further direction of the trend.

What is Forex - a myth or a reality, to decide for you. Everyone makes conclusions in life, based on personal experience, but if you have not started trading, we advise you to go through a training course, practice on a demo account and only then start working with real money. Having spent some time learning, you will definitely change the perception of Forex and get a broader picture of the currency market in order to make an objective conclusion.