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   How to choose a binary option broker

news_fx_2Do you know what the right choice of a binary option broker can do for you? From deception from the side of the office. From technical problems in the form of noticeable slippage, etc. From intrusive technical support calls. From trade under conditions that are disgusting for you.

To avoid all this, you need to know how to choose a binary option broker. Next, the rules and tips for finding the best place to trade are described in detail. But if you do not want to waste time searching, just open an independent rating of brokers on the site binium.ru.

The broker must be licensed by a reliable regulator

Every year we observe a positive trend in controlling the activity of binary brokers. Regulators are be ... Read more »

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   FOREX EUR / USD outlook for May 14

forex-news-euro_3The confident move of the EUR / USD towards the founding of the 20th figure reinforced rumors that the three-week dollar rally was exhausted, and it is time for the main currency pair to return to the uptrend. At the heart of its dynamics is the speed of economic growth, and the slowdown in global GDP in the first quarter auknulos strengthening of greenback. Nevertheless, during the remainder of the year, the indicator will begin to restore the previous dynamics, and the States will act as the locomotive. As a result, the faster the US economy moves forward, the better the Eurozone, Britain, Japan and other countries will feel, which in the long run will result in the strengthening of their currencies against the US dollar.

When the States sneeze, the rest of the world encounters a co ... Read more »

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