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The international forex market is unlimited possibilities for high earnings. With the development of Internet technologies, trading in the foreign exchange market has become available to all comers.

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But this does not mean that everyone who embarks on trading will succeed. Since working in financial markets entails high risks. In order to have a consistently high income from Forex trading, you need to constantly devote time to improving the quality of knowledge about trading, in which RoboForex will help you.

For successful trading on Forex, you do not need to work hard all day long, you only need to have the exact knowledge and be able to apply them in practice. Very often traders believe that their chances of concluding a successful deal are high enough, but in the end they lose their money ... Read more »

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The first day of the new week was not particularly saturated with key economic data. All eyes were on inflation data in Turkey, which turned out to be at 17.9% yoy or above average market expectations of 17.1%.

Otherwise, early in the morning from Australia, data on the business activity index in the manufacturing sector became a reality - at a level of 56.7 points or well above the average expectations of 52.1 points, as well as for retail sales. The latter reported zero growth, with an expected increase of 0.3%.

The index for business activity in the manufacturing sector also came out for Japan, at a level of 52.5 points, the indicator fully responding to the average expectations of the experts.

The same index was also exported to other countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Spain and Italy, with all of them outperforming ... Read more »

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