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Earnings by investing money

   Earnings by investing money in games

Start-up capital is an indisputable advantage for a beginner. Starting to earn a certain amount, you almost guarantee yourself a profit. Earnings with attachments are different, in some cases, it does not even require activity. The main thing is not to get caught scammers, use only proven methods and projects.


We have already mentioned the economic games, but there were only a few projects presented there. There are a lot of analogues, where the conditions are even more profitable, but without contributions, can not do. For example, Golden Mines hire gnomes for the production and sale of ore, and with a deposit of 5000 rubles, the administration gives VIP (its owners receive free referrals).

Each game has its own pros. Some offer increased interest deductions, somewhere more ways to deduct, easier to get payment scores. In addition, the stories are everywhere unique. Farms, cities, smokers, players develop, gradually increase income, withdraw money every day:

Robot Cash



World Birds

Lucky Floris


Chickens Farm

Golden Tea

Lucky Bums

Rich Town

Lucky Farm


Golden Mines USD

Lucky Rent



Combines all games with the presence of payment scores. In the article - how to collect 100 000 referrals, I shared my secrets. Apply everyone, starting with social networks and ending with forums. Also, do not forget that a competent investor always distributes capital to several assets, that is, it is better to make a small contribution in several games.

Binary options

Risky, but very profitable thing - to open rates on the currency market. Do not confuse this with the classic earnings on Forex (about it a little lower). Here you just need to guess how the quotations will change over a certain period of time. For example, prices will go up or fall over Platinum in a few minutes:

Please note that the profitability of this agreement is 70% (maybe up to 90%), it is profitable. Similarly, opt-outs for lowering or increasing quotations of securities, indexes, currency pairs are opened. Ready to try? Use the services of brokers who have proven themselves on the positive side:








Forecasts about changes in quotations - this is the most difficult in the work of the trader. Determining what will be the trend in the next few minutes is really difficult. Professionals communicate in thematic forums, watch the news of the economy, trust the indicators and different signals. Also for this type of trade are thought up strategies.

Earnings with investments in Forex

The previous method is also linked to the financial market, but if the binary options appeared a little more than 5 years ago, then the currencies are making money for decades. In this area, it's much more complicated to start trading, you need decent money (otherwise it's just meaningless). Operations are conducted through special platforms (they are loaded on a PC):

Briefly and simply explaining the principle of earnings - the asset is redeemed (for example, a currency). Then you need to wait for a good moment to exchange the asset. The simplest example - bought dollars, waited when their course rose and convertible funds back into hryvnia.

Trading on favorable terms offers a number of companies:




Do not hesitate to choose, each company has its own pros and cons. The sites provide detailed information, and also usually offer a try on the demo account. Be sure to use this. Without a deposit, you will be able to work out and decide whether you should do it.


Completely passive earnings on the Internet. PAMM accounts are opened by experienced traders to gain a large start up capital for trading on Forex. They already know how to properly carry out operations and are able to make forecasts. Everyone can choose a manager and stick to his portfolio:

As you can see, some traders can almost 50% increase their capital a week. Suppose a manager has invested $ 500, and investors are $ 1500. The total is $ 2000, and in a week it's converted to $ 3,000. Let the trader take $ 1000, the remaining $ 2000 is distributed among those who invested. Here's such a simple scheme, opening portfolios of managers through these systems:

Privatefx - CySec Regulator

Admiral Markets - CRFIN regulator, CROF, FSFM, MiFID, EFSA

Advanced Markets - NFA Regulator, CFTC

City Credit Capital - FCA Regulator

Colmex - CySEC controller

FxNet - CySEC controller

InstaForex - Regulator of RAUFR

Renesource Capital - The FCMC, the KFCF

Before choosing a PAMM account, rate 3 main factors. Profitability should be as high as possible, and the draft should be minimal. The last important point is the term of work. The portfolio should be opened more than six months ago. As with other types of investment, do not forget to diversify the risks.

Other investment projects

On the Internet, there are many other interesting sites where it is easy to invest any amount at a decent interest rate. In any case, it will be much more profitable for bank deposits, and a huge amount is not needed. For example, on Recyclix (at registration, specify the account ID of the wizard - 8AC9-36A4-C38A) offer to invest in the improvement of the environment.

The real company is trying to raise money for its existence. It deals with the processing of garbage, in the modern world it is relevant. To find financing, they offer everyone who wants to buy waste, then wait for their recycling and get a profit from it. Also, without serious knowledge, you can invest in these systems:

ShareInStock is an online project that allows you to buy companies' shares and attract investments through the online share issue.

Telderi - Investing in the purchase of websites and domains

Geometrika - works since 2014, the entrance is only 100 rubles

First National - Etoro Investment Fund - Trade and invest in stocks, currencies, indices, commodities and ETFs (CFDs).

Credit.webmoney - If you have free money, you can issue loans at a favorable interest rate and make a profit.

Razzleton - Investment plans: 0.2% - 0.6% per day for 20 - 100 business days.

Doubts make people refuse to invest online. In fact, risks are inevitable. Try to open your business or buy some kind of rarity, in any case, the risks will remain with nothing. At least they offer favorable conditions, and the choice of investing projects is impressive.

Investing has helped many people become much richer. Investing in different ways will help create different sources of income and avoid risks. Even if something happens to others, others will fill up the budget.

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