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How much can I pay for PAM ACCOUNTS?

  How much can you earn on PAMM accounts
From the first acquaintance with PAMM accounts, it is difficult to estimate how much they can earn. Moreover, each broker has a lot of them, some are unprofitable, others are profitable. How much can you earn on PAMM accounts?

Prospective earnings are difficult to calculate, so I will answer based on my investment experience. On PAMM accounts you can stably earn from 4 to 8 percent per month with a competently folded portfolio.

You can earn 100 percent per month, but not for long! With such profitability the result will be deplorable (minus 100%).

If you transfer all this into money, the following profitability will come out:

$ 100 is invested; Earnings 4 $ - 8 $ a month;
$ 1,000 is invested; Earnings $ 40 - $ 80 a month;
Deposited - $ 10,000; Earnings 400 $ - 800 $ per month.
On the other hand, if you approach the investment process irresponsibly, you can lose everything, so first we study the theory, then invest money.

In the end, if you do everything right, the risk of loss will be minimal, even if one week or a month will be at a loss, others will block it, and ultimately you will still get a profit.

What is the profitability of PAMM accounts?
If you take all PAMM accounts of any broker, and calculate their profitability, then there will be a very big minus. All because statistics have not yet escaped, in the forex market, most traders are losing money. And the manager of the PAMM account, in essence, does not differ anything from them. It's the same trader as others.

But, among this crowd that loses money, there are 5% -10% who earn. It is necessary to invest exactly those 5% -10% that bring income.

Read about proven earnings on investment.

The good thing for this is that we have everything you need, and this is a detailed history of PAMM accounts, which we need to analyze charts and tables. This is what we all provide to practically every PAMM broker.

Thus, our profitability as investors in the PAMM account in most cases depends on us ourselves. You only need to choose PAMM Accounts correctly, invest in successful executives.

As a result, you can achieve that the average profitability of PAMM accounts of your investment portfolio will always be positive and you can easily get more than 100% per annum.

Aggressive and conservative PAMM accounts
There are two fundamentally different types of managers. First, I assume a greater risk of collusion, that is, they come in too much volume - they are called arggeurs. These PAMM accounts can reflect a high level of profitability, but also the probability of getting a big damage to them is also greater.

Others trade more cautiously and consist of small amounts - they are called conservatives. The profitability of conservative accounts is significantly lower, but the probability of catching a large damage is also minimal.

How much can you earn on aggressive PAMM accounts?
Some aggressive traders show a profitability of over 100% a month, but sooner or later they catch a big downside. And sometimes they completely merge trading accounts.

Thus, on aggressive accounts, you can, as well as climb, and quickly fall.

I want to note that the aggressors are also different. For example, some traders work without stops, are constantly averaged or even double the rates, as in the strategy martingale. In such aggressive managers, I do not recommend investing, in the extreme case, investing in very short terms.

Others trade, on the one hand, aggressively, but at the same time, there is a clear "money management". They cut losses immediately, as soon as the price goes not to the other side. Such PAMM accounts can be considered for a longer term of investment, and they deserve a place to be in a portfolio.

But, in any case, do not overdo it, and more than 20% of aggressors should not be kept in a briefcase.

What are the conservative PAMM accounts?
Conservative traders sell a small amount of deposit and show profitability at the level of 2% -4% per month. In most cases, losses are also controlled and more than 6% per month, they do not pocketed.

In the portfolio, the overwhelming majority should be precisely conservative managers.

In practice, some investors invest in conservative traders and have a yield of 60% -80% per year. Others jump from account to account, look for more bills with higher returns, constantly shuffle their deposit, and have the same profitability at the level of 60% -80% per year.

So how much will I earn on PAMM accounts?
After all the attempts and mistakes, you will develop a more or less clear logic in choosing the best PAMM invoices for investing, there will be a balanced portfolio, and you will realize that on PAMM accounts you can earn from 4% to 8% per month.

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