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How to choose a binary option broker

   How to choose a binary option broker

news_fx_2Do you know what the right choice of a binary option broker can do for you? From deception from the side of the office. From technical problems in the form of noticeable slippage, etc. From intrusive technical support calls. From trade under conditions that are disgusting for you.

To avoid all this, you need to know how to choose a binary option broker. Next, the rules and tips for finding the best place to trade are described in detail. But if you do not want to waste time searching, just open an independent rating of brokers on the site binium.ru.

The broker must be licensed by a reliable regulator

Every year we observe a positive trend in controlling the activity of binary brokers. Regulators are becoming more reliable and are no longer afraid to seriously fine and punish unscrupulous offices.

Therefore, the company chosen for trading options should be licensed by the regulator. Does this ensure that the broker will deceive you? Unfortunately no. But the chance to get caught on a fraudster is minimal, since doubtful offices usually work without the approval of regulators. In addition, if the broker decides to deceive you, you can complain to the organization that granted the license. After providing evidence, the organization will reimburse the losses (usually up to $ 10,000).

But not all regulators can be trusted. There are organizations that issue licenses to all in a row with one goal - to ensure their profits. However, if you write a complaint of such an organization about the broker, it is likely to be ignored.

The reliable controllers include FCA, CySEC, MiFID, CRRF, FinaCom and some other organizations.

About the company should respond positively

How to choose a broker of binary options by the availability of a license regulator is understandable. But you need to rely not only on this factor.

On thematic forums and blogs, traders often leave comments about working with a particular company. Reviews will help to better understand the broker, the services that the company offers and find out whether it is worth it to trust.

But there is one problem. About 50% of all reviews on the Web are bought. Shops, businessmen, etc. Regularly order reviews, which are then published on various sites. Therefore, when you are going to buy a certain product in an online store, do not completely trust the reviews about the same product or store.

About brokers of binary options customized reviews are no longer 50%, but much more. So it's difficult to choose really useful comments. But probably. If you want to protect yourself from most purchased and useless when choosing a broker reviews, remember a few tips:

• Look for reviews only on topical resources. On usual sites-otzovikah usually write only beginners who say that options are a divorce. But on the forums on trading, you can find useful reviews of real traders who will tell about the broker much more than many articles;

• Filter comments. Pay more attention to the reviews, which are supported by screenshots or undeniable facts in the text. Also, the inserted contact information can prove the truthfulness of the commentary. But comments that do not contain specifics, but at the same time praise or accuse the broker, you can safely ignore;

• Trust more trusted users. Another advantage of finding reviews on the forum - here you can see information about the author. If the user was registered for the day or even the day when the feedback was written, and after that the site did not appear, most likely the comment was custom-made.

The broker should be in the ratings of the best

On many portals about binary options there are ratings of brokers. They can be used when choosing a suitable place of trade.

The advantage of this method is that in a few minutes you can get acquainted with the main characteristics of several brokers of interest to you. Do not need to go to the websites of the offices, register, search for the necessary information, contact technical support.
However, this method of finding the best place to trade has its own nuances. First, often the ratings are made by people who do not understand trading. Secondly, they include frankly weak brokers. This is how the partners of a particular broker act, who earn money by attracting new users.

So if you decide to look for a broker, relying on the rating, look for it on reliable sites. How to check the portal? There is no clear check plan. We can give only one piece of advice. Look at other sections of the site. If there is a description of unique strategies with a clear explanation and the articles of the training plan, most likely, the authors understand the topic.

So, how to choose a binary option broker? Be sure of reliability, read reviews and opinions of experts. These three methods will eliminate 80-90% of all scammers. After that, choose a broker with the best trading conditions and begin to study it carefully. You can also make a minimum

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