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How to choose a Forex trading company in the summer of 2018?

  How to choose a Forex trading company in the summer of 2018?

To find a good, and more importantly, a suitable brokerage company, you need to consider several factors.
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Each participant of the campaign wants to get the most convenient and profitable conditions for himself. In addition, at the moment this is most relevant, as many campaigns have changed their policies.
What factors need to be considered when choosing a company
All the main factors are set forth in the article http://www.km.ru/economics/2018/06/13/ekonomika-i-finansy/825684-kak-vybrat-foreks-kompaniyu-dlya-torgovli-letom-2018, However, all should know what to look for when studying the company's work:
history of work, experience;
rating in the lists of broker companies;
availability of official documents, licenses;
list of services offered;
used trading tools;
The basis of trust is the reputation of the company, which should have its own history, beyond which it can be traced, its reliability and the responsibility of the company's employees. To determine this, you can use different broker ratings. Many sites make up their own independent ratings and lists of broker companies. The authors of ratings rely on how qualitatively the brokers perform their functions throughout their work. They also take into account trading conditions such as the size of spreads and commissions, minimum deposits, instruments of trade and other conditions.
To obtain the most favorable conditions it is recommended to compare several companies and their various services.
About offshore and licensed broker companies
One of the most important factors is the availability of a license. At the moment it is difficult to obtain an official license of the CBR, but many companies are registered abroad. The license shows that the company is responsible for the safety of deposits.
At the same time, offshore brokerage companies offer more favorable terms. However, it is recommended to draw on the history of these companies and their reliability.
To get information about each company from those people who are directly connected or associated with it, it is recommended to study several dozen reviews. There are many sites on which reliable information about various companies and their experience with them is published. Each review should be treated as critically as possible, whether it is a praise or a negative one. Good reviews can be bought, and bad ones can be based only on their unsuccessful experience.
Of course, the most important thing is to find a good broker, and then choose a trading platform for the job. After that, other important factors and conditions are determined. Also, it is not superfluous to study the theory of trade and develop a strategy on the basis of which it is possible to work.
Thus, the work of the entire trading market covers many layers, some companies control everything, up to the spread of the reviews. However, if you rely on factors and carefully study the work of each interested company, you can find a broker with good and profitable conditions.

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