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Open options on Iqoption

  Open options on Iqoption

Investments in the Forex market are one of the most common types of deposits on the Internet. Let's talk about earnings on binary options from Iqoption.

Not only professionals use the currency exchange, thousands of newcomers try to succeed every day by buying different currencies or stocks. Here only to understand all the details of working with Forex is not so simple.

Binary options for beginners at Iqoption - the perfect solution for anyone who wants to become a trader. With binary options, you will put money on the fall or increase of rates of various currency pairs, goods or stocks, and if your forecast is justified, you will receive a profit.

Why is this system suitable for beginners? First, there is a lot of useful educational information here. Secondly, you can open a demo account to practice. Third, you can start with a small deposit of $ 10 or 300 rubles (the threshold for the output is the same). Fourthly, the minimum cost of the option is only $ 1.

So, after the standard registration, you will go to the trader's office, where you can refill the balance and open the first options. The turbo option binary option is offered for choice.

The difference in them is in time, if you want to make a quick profit, then you need to use turbo options, but they are more risky, since it's impossible to determine who will change the schedule in 2-3 minutes, even the professionals can not.

How to put money on a turbo option? In the appropriate section, you will find all the necessary tools to open a short-term option.

The main part of the site displays a graph of the exchange rate change. For example, the currency pair of the euro and the dollar was chosen. You can choose other assets, but there is not much in the turbo mode. In the sidebar you can specify the amount of the bid, the time of checking the graph, and also click on one of the buttons (above or below).

For a good example, we put $ 50 on the fact that the 3.07 chart will rise and now we need to wait until the time passes, and we can check whether the correct bid we made. Fortunately, the forecast was true and the schedule really went up, so we got a profit according to the percentage of profitability (93%):

The total profit was $ 96.5, and in order to receive this money, it took us only a few minutes. It just needs to be noted that we had to go to serious risks, because we probably were sure that the schedule would really go up.

How to put money on a binary option?
The process of opening an option does not differ, you also need to go to this type of transaction, select assets, and then set the time and bid.

The main difference from turbo options is the wider choice of currency pairs, stocks and other assets. Also, there is an increased time for the bet. You can set it up to 1 hour, and to make a forecast in this case will be much easier.

If you are interested in trading binary options, be sure to connect to Iqoption. In conclusion, I would just like to add that you need to provide real data when registering, as you can ask for a copy of your passport when you withdraw funds. But the money comes without delays for 3 days.

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