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Trading Golpf and others

     Trading Golpf and others
Technology blocking can fundamentally change the Forex industry
A few days to go before the launch of the world's first blockbuster forex broker, the shareholder and creator of which is one of the largest European banking groups

Traditional forex instruments such as currency pairs trading, PAMM-system, day trading and others will soon go to the side, and their place will be occupied by cryptotrading, cryptophores, where even internal settlements will be made using smart contracts. Smart contracts are already being used in financial markets around the world. A number of banks have already begun to implement this in their country, and even entire states not only recognized bitcoin, but also started regulation in the field of crypto-currency. Volatility in the markets of crypto-currencies should not frighten those who intend to invest. Crypto currency is the money of the future, which not only allows you to get out of the control of the state and the traditional participants of the financial system - banks in the first place, but also to remain completely anonymous, as well as to gain security in transactions that has never been before, which is guaranteed by blockade technology. Today, one state after another, as well as the largest investors and financial companies around the world, one by one, begin to recognize the inevitability of the transition of the entire financial industry to blocking technology. Some have already moved or have started the transition procedure. At present, representatives of various spheres, including the banking sector, are interested in blockade technology. In the banking sector of the CIS, companies such as VTB and Sberbank are interested in technology. Payment systems VISA, Mastercard, Unionpay and SWIFT have announced the development and plans for using blocking technology.

Block block (English blockchain or block chain) - built according to certain rules, a continuous sequence of blocks containing information. The term first appeared as the name of a distributed database implemented in the Bitkoyn system. Therefore, the block is most often referred to as transactions in various crypto-currencies. However, the technology of block chains can be extended to any interconnected information blocks.

And now, with the advent of the blockbuster to the Forex market, investors and traders will be able to take advantage of these advantages, which will be provided by Forex on smart contracts, which will be offered by a blocking broker from the European banking group, which should start in January 2018.

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